Can Your Law Firm Brandscape?

For a little while now, we’ve been working with a couple of firms on identifying strategic partners of which there exists an allied relationship and then implementing a content strategy that picks up the characteristics of each of them.

In other words, most recently in working with a family law firm who have developed a robust relationship with an accounting practice, there was this great opportunity to bring them both together for a joint podcast chat about the synapse between family law when there is a business or trusts involved and the financial valuation of those things with respect to property settlements.

It goes without saying that the content works a treat for a listener because not only are they being well-briefed on the complexities of both areas, but they’re building rapport and experiencing first-hand the holistic nature of these businesses in effectively taking care of family law disputes in circumstances where there is a lot at play. Notwithstanding this, the law firm exposes themselves to the accounting firm’s followers and the accounting firm is similarly exposed to the family law firm’s connections.

The practice is known as “brandscaping,” and Andrew Davis has written an excellent book on it, which is of course is must more exhaustive then my practice of leveraging strategic relationships. It’s worth a read!

Be that as it may, I encourage your law firm to identify your own strategic alliances and consider the following ways in which you both can co-create, great client-centric content and showcase the individual strengths and collaborative alliance you both share that lead to exceptional outcomes. You can do this by:

– Guest-blogging on each other’s websites;

– Joint audio podcast;

– Joint video;

– Joint webinar;

– Joint seminars (of which you also record and post on your website and syndicated social platforms)

Brandscaping is a such a great way of leveraging relationships!

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