How Law Firms Are Using AI for Better Client Experience

Transformational technologies are rapidly revolutionising various industries, including the legal industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has long been utilised by law firms, while Generative AI is expanding its capabilities to enhance client experiences. According to the Tech & the Law 2023 report, over half of legal professionals surveyed consider revamping client service delivery models at their firm as one of their top priorities over the coming year; 51% also believe generative AI will not only enhance client care but also advance legal systems further.

Law firms are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor client experiences by tailoring services specifically to individual client needs. By tapping AI-generated insights, lawyers can gain a more in-depth knowledge of their clients and communicate more efficiently based on preferences; this strengthens client-lawyer relationships while improving overall satisfaction. Moreover, generative AI’s predictive analytics anticipate client needs by analysing past interactions and case histories – leading to proactive strategies which address needs before they arise – further increasing client satisfaction levels.

Examples of AI Tools for Law Firms

AI tools like CoCounsel Core are available for Australian lawyers and solicitors to streamline administrative tasks and enhance the onboarding experience for new clients. Through its set of generative AI skills, CoCounsel Core allows legal professionals to gain deeper insights and produce superior work. Furthermore, this personalized experience created by AI fosters more engaging client journeys while forging lasting connections.

Law firms are turning to artificial intelligence chatbots as an efficient and timely client interaction strategy. These intelligent bots respond in real time, leaving clients feeling heard and attended to promptly. Their analytical capability enables personalised follow up by analysing client data; with insights gleaned from client history chatbots can proactively suggest legal services while streamlining client journeys and strengthening communications between lawyers and clients through automated notifications.

AI-powered tools offer lawyers not only time savings but also transform them into strategic advisors. Tools like CoCounsel Core go beyond day-to-day operations by streamlining research tasks so it’s easier for both lawyers (and clients) to find information efficiently. According to Tech & the Law 2023 report, nearly one in three legal professionals indicated that know-how and precedent solutions have had the biggest positive effect.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an integral component of legal services and client interactions, its impact will become clear. AI will play a significant role in shaping legal practice of tomorrow. Law firms that enlist AI to personalize client experiences and offer instant response times are already strengthening client relationships while freeing up time for lawyers to provide strategic guidance.

Top 10 Law Firm AI Tools

More broadly, here are other AI tools for your law firm to consider:

1. ClickUp (generic)
2. Lawgeex
3. Amto
5. Ansarada
6. Lex Machina
7. Latch
8. AI Lawyer
9. PatentPal
10. Humata AI

If your law firm needs strategic guidance on which tools to leverage, reach out to our team!


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