Why WordPress is No Longer the Future For Your Law Firm

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Technology is constantly changing and at Practice Proof we’re committed to being ahead of the curve for our clients.

Put bluntly, many of our clients through our guidance adopt technology to a greater extent than their competitors. Some of this technology is through a number of our partners, as well as technology that we have developed in-house. For example, client portals, appointment booking software, reputation and review platforms, online forms and chatbot software.

Over the last 10 years, WordPress has been somewhat a constant in our choice of website technology, but that’s all about to change with our development team over the last few months becoming trained in what is loosely called, “Headless CMS.”

What is a Headless CMS?

Put simply, a Headless CMS is a type of content management system in which the content repository “body” that holds the website content is decoupled from the presentation layer of the site. They call this “headless” because the presentation layer in effect is not connected to the body.

What Will Be the Benefits to Law Firms?

Why we’re excited about this new technology is that it gives Practice Proof the freedom to build frontend frameworks that makes sense for our clients and are ultra-fast for their potential and existing clients. We’re also looking forward to the SEO benefits of delivering A-grade speed tested websites, among some other benefits too:

  • Super-fast content delivery with a specified delivery environment
  • Rapid design iterations and much easier deployments
  • Easy and secure third-party integrations
  • Fewer dependencies on IT
  • Future-proof (integrates easily with new technology and innovations)
  • Ultra-fast content delivery
  • Provides complete control over how and where your content appears
  • Allows our designers to be less restricted by layout
  • Easy and secure third-party integrations
  • Allows Practice Proof developers to use their favorite tools and frameworks

Here’s what my good friend Robert Algeri from Great Jakes in New York says about the technology:

“Every few years a new website technology emerges that is so transformative that it makes earlier websites — those built without the benefit of that technology — look old and clunky.  For example, a decade ago responsive design was unveiled and soon after, all non-responsive sites suddenly looked ancient.”

Are There Drawbacks?

From the perspective of the law firm, we anticipate no drawbacks.

That said, given the new technology we’ve adopted, the build time is more, but is significantly outweighed by the benefits.

Are There Examples?

Sure are. Shine Lawyers have recently deployed their lightning-fast Headless CMS site and we’re releasing a new site in the coming week.

Next Steps

If your firm wants to jump the curve and experience this new technology and what it means for your firm and its clients, complete the form below!

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