Is Your Law Blog a Mashable or a New York Times?

Do you approach blogging as covering all relevant news in your niche or covering your niche socially?

There’s a big difference and you may be surprised as to which works better.

In a talk before the Canadian Journalism Foundation, Mashable editor-in-chief, Jim Roberts (@nycjim), explained that Mashable approaches the news as a social activity.

GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram (@mathewi), reporting on the talk caught Roberts’ key point.

Sharing is the main guiding principle of Mashable’s approach to news. …[W]ith any story, a reporter or editor should be asking themselves whether it is something they would share with their friends or family. The Mashable editor said that when he is looking through Twitter or Facebook or the news-wire, if something catches his eye and is worth sharing then it should be on the site.

Mashable is working both sides of the social equation. On the one side its reporters and editors monitor social media to see what is being widely discussed. On the other side Mashable reports those items which it believes will be widely shared by its audience. After all, Mashable’s audience is its distribution system.

Written By: Kevin O’Keefe
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