Wow! 12,343 visits to Your Law Firm Website. Who Are They?

Tricky question!  But depending on your legal practice and the extent of technology you have under your website there are some things you can do improve your insight!

But before doing this, you have to understand that the 11,273 visits to your website aren’t necessarily potential or existing clients or referral sources.  A significant proportion will be visits from organisations that you simply can’t understand their motivation for the visit, not to mention spambots and opportunists.

If you’re a commercial legal practice there’s good merit in running some tracking under your law firm website design (granted that there may be issues if your firm is located in the UK). Whilst the tracking technology isn’t definitive, it can identify IP addresses and give your firm a heads-up what company that IP address is connected to.

It goes without saying that there’s real value in this because it can flag to your firm’s BD personnel of potential leads before they become leads if that makes sense!

In this respect, Leadworx isn’t a bad platform to kick off with.

If your firm isn’t a commercial practice, then tracking IP addresses etc won’t be helpful in retrieving the personal data associated with the address.  But what you can do, of course, is run your CRM, have lead magnets like downloads etc that encourage an email address in return, then from that point on you can track visits exceptionally well (depending upon your CRM).

This approach is an excellent way of engaging with those leads in a much more intelligent way because you have real knowledge of their interests deriving from where they have been on your firm’s website!

So, long story short, you’ll always be puzzled by the volume of traffic your firm’s website acquires month on month, but you’re able to drill in through these strategies to get a better sense and of course, drive your lead generation and nurture

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