How Does Your Law Firm Chase Positive Client Reviews

It should come as no surprise that a key feature of whether or not people choose to engage your law firm is based upon what others say about you. Sure, reviews like Doyles and Best Lawyers are great, but authentic reviews in the guise of Google or Facebook reviews are more impactful.

Does Your Law Firm Get Positive Reviews?

Most law firms in our experience have little or no system in place for requesting a review from a happy client. In other words, they close a file and there is no follow-up from the firm requesting their feedback.

How Do You Get Reviews

Apart from asking the happy client (emphasis on happy client because you obviously don’t want to seek a review from an unhappy one) your firm has to have a system in place. The system not only involves the design and implementation of a process but also the technology to support it.  With these two counterparts, your review process will be flawed.

What Your Law Firm Needs

Perhaps the simplest way is to nominate a person in your firm to be the Ambassador of Client Satisfaction (ACS) Their role is to ensure that upon a file close, feedback is sought from the relevant client.  Ideally, it’s an email from the ACS asking for feedback via your feedback software platform (use our software FirmRanker). Once feedback is received and reviewed by the ACS, you need to decide what actions your firm will take to respond to reviews, good, bad or otherwise.

In the case of the former, the next step is to have the ACS simply respond again by email to the happy client thanking them for their feedback and asking if they would now like to leave a sentence or two on your Google Business page. In the email, your ACS provides them with a link to your Google Business review location (we have our own platform that seamlessly directs the client to the relevant location).

Next Steps

Through assisting firms to develop a feedback strategy and the integration of our technology, we have helped plenty of law firms acquire positive reviews promptly. One of our clients who had no reviews, through our proven strategy and the technology had in excess of 55 reviews within 6 weeks.

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