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Prove marketing ROI and never, ever lose a lead with LawDash, the only definitive lead track software that tracks every lead channel.

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Track every lead to prove Marketing ROI

Never guess again if your marketing is working

LawDash for professional services practices is the ultimate source of truth to determine what marketing channels are driving consultations. No more guess work as to if your paid search campaigns are driving business, or your social media. Find out instantaneously with LawDash.

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Never ever lose a lead

Professional services practices lose leads! It’s not intentional, but sometimes things break, often unbeknown to you. For example, a contact form on your website malfunctions and potential clients/patients are booking consultations, but they’re not getting through. LawDash minimises the risk and circumvents the issue by funnelling leads directly into your easy to understand, dashboard.

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You can add leads manually

Not all leads will come through your marketing channels. With LawDash, we make it easy to ensure you get 100% of all leads into your dashboard. You can easily manually add leads!

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Get complete insight into your leads and channels

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Make Better Marketing Decisions

It goes without saying, the more data you have, the better marketing decisions you can make. LawDash gives you the clarity of your marketing performance to make good decisions for your practice into the future.

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Connect over 300 marketing channels

If you’re getting leads from unique marketing channels, it’s likely we can integrate them into your LawDash platform. Get 360 degree insight with LawDash.


Export all your lead data anywhere

Need to import your leads into something else? That’s super easy with LawDash. Simply use our export function for full control.

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