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How to use

Simply fill in the left column and the right column will automatically populate with the results.
– YOUR MONTHLY BUDGET – Is how much you plan on spending on advertising
– AVERAGE COST PER CLICK – How much you pay when someone clicks your ad. Don’t know? Use the Keyword Planner
– CLICK TO LEAD CONVERSION RATE – How many clicks on your ad that then turns into a lead. ie: a 10% conversion rate means 1 in 10 clicks = a lead
– LEAD TO FILE-OPEN CONVERSION RATE – How many leads generate, then leads to a file open.
– AVERAGE FILE VALUE – Your average value of your service that is sold. ie: you’re a family lawyer and your average family law file is worth $18,000

Why should you use this?

– Want to find out how much your monthly ads spend will generate you in sales.
– If you want to see if your marketing campaign is profitable enough
– If you increase / decrease your file open value, what will be the effects of this change?
Plus many other ways!

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