What The Heck Are People Doing On My Law Firm Website?

You’ve got your latest google analytics report and it told you that 16500 people are crawling your website. What the heck are they doing?

Google Analytics can tell you with numbers and graphs but sometimes it may warrant a more design-focused response.

What’s a Design Focused  Response?

A design focused response is simply looking at how your website aesthetics are assisting people or not in reaching a conversion point. This is commonly called a UX approach to design.

How does our law firm know if our website is UX focused?

A user-focused website is essentially that. The key objective for your firm is to get visitors to your website to where they need to go and provide them with the information they want in the way they want it.

Invariably most design fails because it’s never tested. In other words, if your law firm is like most, you engaged a set and forget web design agency. They designed the website. You paid them money and there has never been any ongoing assessment other than reading your google analytics that your website is achieving the objectives of potential clients.

In this context, if you don’t work with an agency on an ongoing basis, you’re essentially flying blind.  In contrast, we co-create and partner with our law firms on an ongoing basis and practically speaking, find ourselves re-designing aesthetics and functionality regularly.

What Does Your Law Firm Do Now?

Regardless of whether your law firm is considering a redesign or not, getting an assessment of how users are interacting with your website can illuminate all sorts of things, both good or bad.

We recommend that your law firm consider running some UX tools like:

All you need to do is run a script on your website and the software will start tracking interactions with your website. These interactions can be tracked in numerous ways, including live recordings of users on your law firm’s website and heatmaps, determining the scrolling nature of your potential clients.

Anything Else?

UX tools are a great way of identifying dead spots with your law firm’s website and marketing funnel generally. That said, we recommend that if you’re going to do this alone without the help of a law firm marketing agency that is specialised in this area of work, that you do not bite off more than you can chew.  In other words, ensure you have significant traffic to your law firm’s website to test assumptions and secondly, test one thing only at one time and do it for at least 6 weeks.  Too many experiments over a too short period of time will see you not being able to see the forest for the trees.

How Can Practice Proof Help?

We work with our clients shoulder to shoulder into the long-term. While such a relationship springs new opportunities, it also uncovers opportunities that at first or second iteration we did not see. Assessing your law firm’s UX regularly allows your law firm to create a much better user experience for your potential clients and ultimately in doing so, grow your firm.

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