Your Law Firm’s Lead Dashboard

How many leads did your law firm receive today? How many of them converted into appointments? How many then went on to become file opens?

These are very simple metrics but for the most part, are lost to the far majority of law firms.

That’s not to say that they’re not focused on such things, but invariably getting your eyes across something that tells the story in a quick glance is far from achievable for most legal practices.

Swiss Army Knife or Screw-Driver?

At Practice Proof, we’ve deployed plenty of CRMs for a broad range of legal practices with this objective being the primary focus and sure, they do what they’re supposed to, but they can be akin to having a swiss army knife when all you need is a screwdriver.

Accordingly, over the last 2 months, in association with a leading CRM platform, we’ve configured a dashboard that simply does what we intended.

It pulls the lead data from multiple lead channels and provides multiple filters to screen what you’re looking for. It’s not rocket science.

For example, how many calls did we receive today? How many of them derived from Google Ads? From those, did we convert any into appointments etc? Simple!

Taking it to the Next Level

What we’re working on next are the notifications. So, when your marketing for law firms reaches a specific lead target, email notifications will be sent to your firm to give you a heads-up!

Get a Dashboard

So, the purpose of telling you all this, is dashboards are essential to running an effective, growth-orientated legal practice. You may already have one and that’s great, or you’re flying blind or you’re a firm that has a robust CRM but still can’t see the forest for the trees.

Practice Proof
Practice Proof